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Pioneer: Greg Boser

Greg Boser started out wanting to be a rock star, when that didn’t work out he found his way as a first-generation SEO. Greg has always maintained that SEO was life-changing and that everyone he knew in the industry had a different life before SEO came along.

Greg is best known for cloaking and was so well known by Google that Matt Cuts had tools named after him.

In this interview, Greg shares his thoughts on the merits of cloaking and reveals a secret of how he built a Wikipedia PBN.

There are only a handful of people in the industry that have the depth of knowledge and the experience of Greg. For younger SEOs who might not know the name, Greg is the original spammer, who Google used to turn to to find out how he broke their algorithm.

In this conversation Greg talks about:

  • What Larry Page said that was like a challenge to SEOs to dominate their search engine
  • How cloaking was a great problem fixer
  • How cloaking could be used as an early canonical
  • How Greg was invited to Google to have input on the canonical tag
  • What happened at the first Google Dances and why they had armed guards on the door
  • What conversations Greg had with Matt Cutts behind closed doors
  • Greg reveals a secret about how he built a network using Wikipedia

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