Bill Slawski – SEO Pioneers

Pioneer two: Bill Slawski

Bill entered into SEO after working as a court administrator and helped a friend who wanted to start a business.

Bill bought a book on HTML and built a site that was ‘an ugly Christmas tree with spinning globes’.

Bill is probably best known for his reporting on patents and the insights he gleaned from his in-depth research. His intelligence is staggering and the depths and knowledge that he has about SEO and patents is exceptional.

In this conversation Bill talks about:

  • How he created one of the very first pieces of digital PR link bait that generated thousands of links
  • How he started the Cre8site forum with Kim Kraus berg and encouraged John Mueller to take a job at Google
  • His favourite patents
  • How it frustrates him that people misrepresent patents and make stuff up for click bait
  • And, LSI keywords are a complete fiction

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