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Pioneer: Michael Bonfils

Michael Bonfils is a first generation SEO who is a true pioneer in the industry and mentored people like Eli Schwartz.

Michael started out generating online leads in real estate for commission. Until the business owner realised he was making more in a a month than an annual salary.

He built success by creating a system using forums that worked so well, an owner of a search engine called him into an interview and asked him how he beat his algorithm because he couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

After being head hunted as the Director of search at a search engine, Micheal went on to found his own agency twice over.

In this interview Michael shares secrets he hasn’t revealed before and tells the story of how a last minute request from Brett Tabke saw him get a standing ovation at PubCon for delivering a presentation of everything you shouldn’t do.

In this interview, how Michael:

  • Got head hunted to go work as Director of Search at a search engine
  • Beat the algorithm of one of the first search engines with a network of forums
  • Got access to the back end of a search engine for 12 hours
  • Ended up working for the government to shut down the pop up industry
  • Hired all the people from GoTo who started paid search and learned how it worked
  • Why Michael got a standing ovation at PubCon for a presentation about link building

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