Ammon Johns – SEO Pioneers

Ammon first began working in SEO before it was even known as SEO in the mid 1990s. Ammon has worked across all challenging industries such as Adult and Dating, and consulted with large multi-national companies such as CNN and Aviva.

Ammon was an admin with Cre8site in the early 200s, which was a central hub for SEOs at the time, and a place of hangout for many big names in the industry, including several Googlers.

Ammon brings a unique perspective to SEO with an abstract way of looking at strategies. His focus has always been on marketing and taking SEO out of a silo and into a holistic approach to promoting a business online.

In this conversation, Ammon talks about:

  • How he became involved in SEO & became an admin at Cre8site
  • What topics were being talked about at the early SEO conferences
  • How PubCon got its name
  • What spamming techniques were working in the early days
  • How the SEO industry has changed and why he prefers the industry today

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