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Pioneer: John Mueller

John Mueller is the very public-facing Search Advocate for Google. Possibly the most quoted person in SEO, who has his every word analysed and discussed to death. If ever anyone had to watch what they say in public, it’s John, and no wonder he coined the phrase ‘it depends’.

Behind the face of search for Google, John is based in Zurich and such an incredibly nice, unassuming and helpful person who gives so much of himself to the industry.

John has contributed significantly to the industry since the mid-2000s, not just at Google, but also from the amount of time he has spent in Forums and helping others. This contribution is what led Google to approach John to invite him to think about working for the Search giant.

The conversation I had with John focuses on his life and is not about current SEO practice. We talked about building his own business and his decision to leave that company after being invited to join Google.

We talked widely about his experiences of the early days and working at Google. How the forums have contributed to the industry development. And as a public representative for Google, what questions he gets asked more than any other.

Disclaimer: there are no secrets of Google revealed!

In this conversation John talks about:

  • What John did before Google
  • Would SEO have developed without forums?
  • How Google contacted John , but he nearly didn’t get the email
  • The decision to work at Google
  • What Google is like to work for
  • The importance of like minded people
  • The SEO questions he gets asked the most as a Google representative
  • Getting out of your bubble and diversity in the industry
  • What has had the biggest impact on the direction of search
  • And of course, is SEO dead?

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