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Ask Yourself The Right Questions

Leonardo Da Vinci had many accomplishments, architect, anatomist, botanist, cartographer, engineer, geologist, inventor, mathematician, musician, painter, scientist, sculptor and writer. His work and inventions touched many areas, such as civil engineering, chemistry, geology, geometry, hydrodynamics, mathematics, mechanical engineering, optics, pyrotechnics and zoology. Read More

Side Projects Save Your Soul

Tiff Wood devoted his life to the sport he loved. And devote he did, forgoing career, marriage and all other pleasure for rowing. Documented in The Amateurs, Tiff dedicated himself to training for the Olympic games in 1980 and then 1984. Although rowing was the passion that sustained him, he didn't make a living this way. The focus of Tiff’s life was something that was technically his side project. Read More

Eating Apples Is The Secret To Success

Agatha Christie preferred to work in a large Victorian bath whilst eating apples. Benjamin Franklin would work naked for an hour every morning. Dame Edith Sitwell would lie down in a coffin finding inspiration in the claustrophobic and restrictive space. Does this mean we should emulate the greats and lie naked in a coffin and eat apples? Read More