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Passion Projects Save Your Soul

The secret of success is not about how much money you can accrue or things that you can own, it’s about finding what fulfils your soul.

How to Have Ideas: Thinking Skills & Techniques for Brainstorming

Being a creative type I have always found it difficult to explain my thought process as it is something that happens subconsciously. I just ‘have’ ideas, most of the time I don’t really feel like I control it. It’s only when I can’t have ideas that I pay it any attention. Read More

What is Creativity? 9 Rules to Find Your Inner Creative

Be more creative’ is a phrase often used within business and marketing with little consideration given to its meaning. SEO and online marketing have seen seismic shifts over the last few years and being creative is now an essential ingredient to online marketing success. But what is creativity? Read More

The 12 Best Fonts For Designers

In praise of the beautiful and elegant very best of design.
Every designer should have an intimate, working knowledge of these classic typefaces inspired by Massimo Vignelli.