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Pioneer: Dave Naylor

Dave Naylor has been called the world’s best SEO, and in this case, it is deserved. I’ve spoken to a lot of incredibly smart people, but Dave’s mind is on another level of curiosity and creativity that is staggering.

Dave’s passion early in life was as a gaming programmer. Whilst employed as a printer hardware engineer, a friend asked him to build and help promote an inkjet cartridge website.

Dave learned everything he could from lurking in forums, particularly Webmaster World. He used this knowledge to try and figure out what the search engines were trying to do by breaking everything apart.

Dave went on to be a spammer who was so successful, he got the attention of the search engines.

Dave used to advise Matt Cutts on how he could improve Google spam. He advised Microsoft on spam and he helped Kevin Rose at Digg with their extensive spam problems.

Dave could do this, because he spent so much time online breaking everything he could.

This interview started out with Dave talking about how found his way into SEO back in the ‘90s. But then turns into a discussion about his thought process and how he deconstructs problems. He also talks about the conversations he had with Matt Cutts at Google and being an advisor for spam at Microsoft.

Dave suffers from imposter syndrome. But, is one of a handful of people in the industry who really do deserve the world’s best title.

In this interview, Dave talks about:

  • How he approaches a problem and his thought process for new SEO clients.
  • His chats with Matt Cutts and Larry Page about the claims of the size of the Yahoo index
  • When Microsoft flew him to HQ to present to the engineers about the loopholes for spam, and what they said to him
  • Why he chose to step away from spamming and affiliate sites to focus on the Bronco Agency
  • Why he would tell site owners if he found an exploitable loophole that could damage them
  • What he did to stop a hacker snooping in his cookie bin

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