I’m Shelley Walsh, a digital marketing consultant.

I started out over 20 years ago in print and offline marketing and transitioned through design, illustration and publication editing to digital.

The unique combination of skills that I have means I bring creativity, design, writing, marketing and SEO skills together as a digital communicator.

I have a great passion for psychology, cognitive function, communication, information distribution and learning.


I founded ShellShock as a small agency, producing award-winning creative content for digital PR campaigns.

ShellShock is now my consultancy for content & SEO strategy.

Speaking & writing

I’ve spoken at many events online and offline.

I’ve been published extensively online over the years across industry publications such as SEJ, Moz, Econsultancy, Smashing Magazine and State of Digital.

Currently, I’m the Special Projects Editor at Search Engine Journal.

I also do content & SEO strategy consultancy via ShellShock.


My fascination with psychology, sociology, creativity and cognitive function means that I have a curious mind driven by constant learning and new challenges.

I’m passionate about communication and how to project the right message.

In my spare time, I’m learning Portuguese and if I’m not reading then you can find me in the pool, on the bike or climbing a very large hill early in the morning.

Shelley Walsh